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最終更新日 2020年7月9日


5月15日(金) Friday, May 15  ウィンザ ーの桜開花 Cherry Blossoms Full Bloom in Windsor


Our friends living in Windsor has told us that the cherry blossoms "Somei -yoshino" and "Kanzan" are in full bloom. "Somei-yoshino" was planted in the Gateway Public Park near Detoroit River by the Japaneseconsulate general of Toronto in 2002 and "Kanzan" was planted by the joint venture company in 1993.


1月3日(金) Friday, January 3     カナダからの年賀状 New Year Card from Canada

 Happy New Year! One of our friends in Canada sent us a New Year's Card with a photo. Three cherry trees in Jackson
Park that we planted in 2017 were lighted up and he wrote us it was gorgeous in the dark night.


12月22日(日) Sunday, December 22   忘年会  Year End Party






Approximately 30 people attended at the year-end party of the Reiwa first year to give it an order to start.  At first, Yoshio Kurihara, the president of the Society, talked an opening remark, one of the three visitors, Tsuneo Suzuki, Mayor of Fujisawa, presented recent and next year’s events in the City, then Nishiyama, director of International Friendship, took leading of the toast.

After Takeshi Hoshino, a Representative, and Jun Yoshida, a counselor, made a speech, three visitors left the room.

 It was reported the present topics of Yuka Shimozato, Vice Principal of Girl’s Junior/Senior High School, Kayoko Yokota, Deputy Chair of Fujisawa East Rotary Club, Hidenori Masuda, ex-teacher of high school and Hiromi Okumura, manager of the tourist association, successively. In their talks, Yuka Shimozato introduced a person who has been continuing a communication with the only survivor of the baseball team "Vancouver Asahi" during the Second World War, and there was a remark that Michiko Taguchi, Vice President of the Society, would take it in a next year’s activity plan which is a DVD film (*) admiring meeting.

 After having carried out annual bingo, Hiroshi Naemura informed of the closing.

1. Film-1 “Vancouver Asahi” was released in 2014, Starring Satoshi Tsumabuki and othr stars
                     2. Film-2 “Rising Sun in Vancouver”  An impressive youth story that Mayuko Nishiyama described ahead of the film-1 based on the main story and the historical fact that became the background

 November 3

 令和元年秋の叙勲が発表され、湘南日加友好協会の栗原義夫会長は旭日小綬章を授与されました。 長年の  「地方自治功労」が認められたものです。 おめでとうございました。

Autumn bestowal of an order was announced in the Reiwa first year, and Mr. Yoshio Kurihara, president of the Japan Canada Society of Shonan, was conferred a Small Kyokujitu Ribbon Award on.The longtime "local autonomy service" was recognized.  Congratulations, Mr. Kurihara!

7月9日(火) Tuesday, July 9 元駐カナダ日本大使・石川薫氏の講演会:藤沢市民会館にて

Lecture: Former Japanese Ammbassador to Canada, Mr. Kaoru Ishikawa at Fujisawa City Hall
   Subject: Canada, aiming at the coexisistence of other ethnic groups, and

   Canada, watching President Trump's USA

  2010年から3年間駐カナダ日本大使であった石川氏は現在いくつかの大学で教鞭をとっておられます。今回は大変ご多忙のところ、協会からの講演依頼を快く引き受けて下さいました。講師のお話により、鈴木藤沢市長を含む37名の聴衆はカナダについての新たな知識を得ることが出来、大変興味深く拝聴しました。 講演の要旨を以下にまとめます。

1. 他民族共存を目指すカナダ
  ①  1960年以前はカナダも正式に多民族国家を目指してはいなかった
②  1962年の新国旗(maple leaf flag)制定、1982年憲法で英語とフランス語を公用語とする、などの政策により多文化共存が具体化してきた。
③  現在では国民の60%が米国のような「人種のるつぼ」よりも「人種のモザイク」であることを支持している。
2. トランプ時代のアメリカ
  ①  トランプ政権のやっていることは「強者の正義」であるように見える。
②  トランプ候補を選んだグループの中で白人女性の53%がトランプに投票したことに留意すべし。
③  過去の歴史を振り返ると、1930年に米国でスムート・ホーレイ関税法が施行され、高関税の報復を
④  トランプ政権の「America First」はこの歴史の教訓を学んでほしい。

 Mr. Kaoru Ishikawa, Ambassador to Canada for three years from 2013, is now teaching at several universities. All members of The Society appreciate it that he accepted our request for speech, though we think he keeps so busy days. His talk helped us obtain a new knowledge about Canada. Thirty-seven (37) attendees, including Mr. Tsuneo Suzuki, Mayor of Fujisawa, listened it with great interest. The abstract of the lecture is summarized below.

1. Canada aims for coexistence with other groups
  (1) Prior to 1960, Canada did not officially aim for a multi-ethnic nation.
(2) New national flag (maple leaf flag) was established in 1962, English and French became the official languages
in the 1982 constitution, and other policies have made multicultural coexistence embodied.
(3) At present, 60% of the population support being "the mossaic of races" rather than "the melting pot" like the
United States of America.
2. The United States of America during Trump Era
  (1) It seems what the Trump administration is doing is "the justice of the strong person".
(2) You should note that 53% of white women in the group who chose the Trump candidate voted for Trump.
(3) Looking back on
the past history, the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act was enacted in the United States in 1930, causing the retaliation of the high tariff. This led to the election of Hitler in the defeated Germany in the World War I.
(4) Trump Administration's "America First" should learn the lessons of this history.


4月29日(祝日) April 29 (Holiday)   協会の年次総会 Annual General Meeting  



1.    昨年は生徒21名が現地研修に参加、トロントの日本総領事館を訪問、伊藤恭子(タカコ)総領事と

2.    今年は11年目の研修となりますが、720日から83日まで、生徒28名が参加します。


An annual meeting of The Japan Canada Society of Shonan was held. Following greetings of Y. Kurihara, President of the Society and K. Nishiyama, Manager of International Exchange, it was discussed about the
activity report and the settlement of accounts in 2018, and about a draft of activity plan and budget in the first
year “Reiwa” (2019).  Then the contents were passed unanimously.Following a greeting of T. Hoshino, Member
of the House of the Representatives, Y. Shimozato and S. Johnson of Misono Women’s School did a presentation using slides on the English-Speaking Study in Windsor in 2018. The main topics were as follows;

1. Twenty-one students participated in the local training last year. And one day during the study, they visited
the Japanese Consulate General of Toronto and were able to see Consul General, Ms. Takako Ito.

2. This year, it becomes the eleventh year of the training, and twenty-eight students participate from July 20 to Aug. 3. Several talks and problem submissions were accomplished by the attended people.A continuation of the activity
to send pictures drawn by primary students in Fujisawa to Windsor, how to maintain Windsor Roses in two places
in Enoshima, the improvement of the website, were discussed afterwards. 

1月18日(金)     Friday, January 18th

第7回 カナダネットワーク・シンポジウム・カナダ大使館にて開催
The 7th Canada Network Symposium held at the Canadaian Embassy in Tokyo

  シンポジウムはナディア・ブルジェ首席公使の挨拶で始まり、協会の栗原会長と田口副会長、並びに藤沢市を代表して国際親善担当の西山課長と横田課長補佐が参加しました。 まず、パトリシア・オックウェル参事官から日加関係の最近の動向についての説明があり、各ネットワークメンバーからの活動状況の紹介がありました。

   The symposium began with the welcome greetings of Ms.Nadia Burger.  The participants from Fujisawa were the president of the Society, Y.Kurihara, vice president, M.Taguchi, and the manager, International Exchange of the City Fujisawa, K. Nishiyama and assistant manager, S.Yokota.  At first, Ms. P.Ockwell, Councilor, explained the recent trend of the Japan-Canada relationship, then each network members introduced their activity status.

    写真はカナダ大使館提供  Photo: provided by Canadian Embassy in Tokyo